About Us


Since it was founded in 2000 and with an experience of more than 20 years in supplying, exporting and importing agricultural and construction equipment, D.T.H Etgarim ltd. has been on a steady path of growth. With corporate offices and logistics companies all around the world, we specialize in crafting the best deals for our customers and offer new or previously-owned equipment. Our service includes shipping anywhere around the globe, up to the customer’s yard.

We specialize in tractors, harvesting machinery, forage, hay and cotton picking equipment.
In the last 16 years we have been involved in supplying agricultural and construction equipment as well as spare parts to large projects in Africa, Eastern Europe and China.

If we do not currently have what you need in stock, we will search and find the best quality equipment at the best possible price. Our long-term relations with our suppliers and logistics companies enable us to negotiate the lowest prices without ever compromising on the quality of the equipment we supply.

We invite you to join hundreds of satisfied customers around the world-in the USA, the UK, Eastern Europe, Africa and Australia.

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